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Accelerate your career opportunities in commerce with Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Degree. The under graduate course aims to improve students’ capacity to understand and study a wide range of courses, including accounting, finance, economics, administration, business law and industrial policy.

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After completing the course students can easily get a job in a bank / financial institution or can further pursue a range of postgraduate courses including CA, CS, CFA, MBA, M.Com, International Studies, Designing and Merchandising and MBE. The industry considers them on par with students with professional degrees. In short, B.Com is the best choice of study for a promising student.

CMS of Commerce and Management has emerged as one of the best degree colleges in Hyderabad. If you are looking for a top B.Com college in Hyderabad, choose CMS It is affiliated to Osmania University (O.U.), Hyderabad and provides you the best commerce education.

B.Com Combinations

Not just the best B.Com Colleges in Hyderabad but the best of course combinations too Choose from the best of course combinations that are designed to mould you into a perfect commerce professional in order to rule the business world.

B.Com General

With the potential of offering successful career, B.Com (General) is the choice of course for many students. This 3-year duration course prepares students in the areas of commerce, business application, taxation and accounting. Blending theory with practical, it seeks to provide sound knowledge of accounting, banking, finance, tax advisory, chartered accountancy, forensic accounting and even foreign trade houses.With its dynamic curriculum and highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members, CMS of Commerce and Management is one of the best choices of students for B.Com (General).

B.Com – Computers Application

A 3-year undergraduate course, B.Com (Computer Applications) is a good blend of commerce principles and Information Technology. Combining technology with commerce, it improves students’ understanding of commerce and latest technologies. It gives students exposures to computer programming and computer systems in addition to fundamentals of commerce including accountancy and macroeconomics.

B.Com Honours

B.Com (Honours) is designed to give students in-depth knowledge and strong subject matter expertise. With its rigorous curriculum, it is the best choice for students who are inclined to pursue career in commerce. It hones students’ necessary skills and grooms them to take on professional roles in the area of security, economic, business analysis in the financial institutions and stock broking firms.

B.Com – Business Analytics

A 3-year undergraduate course, B.Com Business Analytics combines commerce, data analytics, business intelligence and applies them to future business strategies and plans. This branch of B.Com involves exploration and analysis of present data to gain business insight and set the foundation for the future. Special emphasis is laid on critical operations such as optimizing operations, increasing revenue, data set analysis, optimizing operational cost, improving customer relations and future trend analysis of the market. With increased importance of data predication and trend analysis, B.Com business Analytics students have bright chances of being successful in the corporate world.

B.Com – Taxation

An undergraduate course, B.Com Taxation covers the investigation of standards of book keeping, monetary arrangement and monetary hypothesis with a focus on tax assessment. It prepares students for a professional qualification in taxation, finance and accounting. By providing a strong foundation in taxation, accounting and finance, it opens up avenues for getting into a managerial/leadership role. With exposure to details of indirect taxes like customs and central excise tax, wealth tax, (Tax Procedures) makes you an ideal candidate for employment in banking, financial institutions, stocking and Forex sectors.

B.Com Benefits

This program helps candidates to develop skills in accounting, finance and economics. There are various types of tax for example Income tax, Property tax, GST, etc., for filing these Taxes, companies or individuals are looking for tax professionals.

B.Com Curriculam